As our ancestors have set ground for being traders, we are made to develop and extend our business every single day. Although we do not want to limit ourselves to a product or market, we would like to give you an idea of the product range we carry nowadays. Please note we can offer you not only in full loads, but we can also make you a customized offer for mixed loads any time.

From Coca Cola to the most exclusive cognacs you could think of, we are carrying a wide range of drinks: Soft drinks, energy drinks, beers, ciders, alcopops and spirits, both A-branded as non-branded products. We can offer private labelling with full marketing and development support, feel free  to contact us for any further information you might need.

We can supply you a big range of cigarettes, both big international A-brands as well as private brands.  We are working closely together with a major European manufacturer for top quality tobacco. If you are looking for a low-priced, high quality cigarette with an attractive design, supported by state of the art marketing and continuous supply, contact us!

Perfumes & Cosmetics
We can offer our partners in Duty Free almost all range of all A-branded product lines. Please  feel free  to contact us for information.